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Hell is divided into seven layers. The King of Hell was lost ages ago, and it has been the steward’s task to sort the souls into their designated regions and maintain control of the world. Nora, the steward’s stepdaughter, was an outcast, and in many ways, she still is.

After a heated argument, Nora does something inexplicable, and she soon finds herself out of the castle and in a forest with soul-eating giants. It’s then that Nora meets Aegis, an immortal, who suspects Nora is more than an ordinary girl.








April 15, 2019







YA Fantasy/YF


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5 reviews for A Soul Reclaimed – Shayna Grissom

  1. Tabatha Shipley

    What I Liked:
    -The 7 layers of Hell is approached in a cool way that balances explaining it to us and yet making it seem normal for Nora.
    -Aegis is a great honor bound character.
    -Gorgeous cover.
    -The ending. I won’t spoil but it’s well done.

  2. AurenRose

    I read the blurb on this multiple times, and still was very pleasantly surprised by this story! We get a journey through the levels of hell with a girl, Nora, who has secrets and newfound powers and a big destiny, her right hand who happens to be a vampire, lots of other fantastic characters and a unique mythology around Hell and how it is run.
    SO fun and entertaining! If a step out of your regular YA box is something you are looking for, this is a great one for you.

  3. Nancy Allen

    Nora is upset when her mother and step-father take her tutor Peter away from her and runs away. She soon finds herself in the Starry Wood where dangers are all around. She meets up with a guy Aegis who looks out for her and keeps her safe from the hunters that her step-father sends after her.

    Nora and Aegis are on their way to the castle and have to go through the layers of hell encountering all kinds of evil along the way while trying to stay hidden from her step-father’s assassins. Hell is divided into seven regions with the different souls ranging from good to bad with each level.

    Nora wants to confront her step-father but must wait until her powers become stronger. Nora has just come into her powers and doesn’t know exactly how to use them correctly or what her powers consist of as of yet but she is learning more and more each day.

    It is a long and rough journey for Nora and Aegis through the layers of hell with meeting some very evil souls but meeting some nice ones as well. It gets so bad that at times Aegis carries Nora, awe sweet.

  4. A. E. Bross

    Shayna Grissom’s debut novel, “A Soul Reclaimed” details the adventures and dangers of a young woman attempting to discover not just herself, but how she fits into the Hellscape that is her life. I don’t mean that to be figurative. Grissom creates a rich world of Hell, dividing it into seven regions and showing us much of the world through Nora’s eyes.

    While an interesting adventure, I must admit that I felt myself wanting more from much of the text. There were many opportunities to add depth and breadth to the world and the characters that felt like they went unfulfilled. However, it was still a fun and exciting read, with interesting characters that, despite not having more depth, were still engaging. Closer to a 3.5 than a 4, but I usually round up, and would recommend this read to anyone who is a fan of the sort of paranormal fantasy Grissom writes about.

    Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  5. Arlne Mullen

    This is the first book by this author. I have to say that it was very well written, for a first book. She lives in the kingdom of hell with her mother and step father. She does not fit in as well, she is different. Peter is sent away. Then she wakes up, drugged into the starry forest.
    Then she meets Aegis and he vowed to do whatever to save here. She doesnt understand what’s going on. Why her step father hates her? Why she was never loved? What is with the voice in her head.
    The traveling through all the realms is pretty cool. I liked how she explained them all. Enough so you understand, but not to much where you are wishing it was over.
    I loled how each chapter told you whose point of view it was from, but I didnt like how the flash backs were done. I usually couldnt tell if it was a flashback or just the story.
    It takes a little to get into the story. But I’m glad I stayed with it. Like any main character, she had her moments of annoyance. A great debut novel.

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A Soul Reclaimed - Shayna Grissom


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