Perry Prete

Perry Prete was born in Sudbury, Ontario, but grew up in London, Ontario. Later, he relocated to Brockville to work as a Paramedic. Perry continues to work as a Paramedic for Leeds Grenville Paramedic Services. With over 30 years of experience and counting, those calls provide a wealth of information for the Ethan Tennant series. His first book, “All Good Things”, introduces his readers to Paramedic Ethan Tennant as he works the streets and tracks down a serial killer in Ottawa, Ontario. “The More Things Change”, continues to follow Ethan and his work partner Tom, as they assist the police in uncovering a plot kept secret since World War II. A prequel, “The Things That Matter Most”, brings together Ethan, Tom, Maddy and Galen as they work to capture the killer of little girls. “All Things Must Pass” is currently in the works and continues the Ethan Tennant mysteries.