Megan McIntyre

I like to think of myself as a 20 year old with 13 years experience. I had a wonderful childhood, playing outdoors with my neighbours, swimming our backyard pool and goofing around with my family filled my summer days and winter nights I liked to follow in the footsteps of my 2 older brothers. They played baseball, so I signed up to participate in the sport as well. I wouldn’t go on to make a major league throw from home plate to second base to tag a base runner out, but I had fun just the same. At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and a rare neuomuscular disorder called Friedriech’s Ataxia. F.A. affects a person’s balance, but has left me with a strong sense of humour to get me through hard times. I have a degree in Psychology from Brock University. Although becoming a career writer wasn’t on my radar until the past five years, being a published author has been on my bucket list for decades. Once I explored writing, I fell in love with the whole process. Writing a book hasn’t always been easy, but I continue to follow my dreams. I love to spend time with young children, whether they be my own nieces and nephew or babies belonging to my friends. I adore the little people in my life in such a way, that I feel discomfort when they are hurt or sad. I’m not your average young lady, but who wants to be average anyway? My life is never dull and always full of fun! Currently, I live with 2 roommates that I refer to as Mom and Dad.