New authors face an uphill battle with name recognition, shelf space at bookstores, and competition with thousands of other authors and self-published books. Sands Press works with new and emerging authors, most of whom have never published a book with a traditional publisher. Sands Press must present YOUR book to the distributor who works with the bookstore buyers. It can take years before we potentially post a profit. Initially, we thought against showing the numbers below, but we want you to know how we determine royalties.


Here are our cost breakdowns for every book sold. If the average book retails for $19.99 ($ figures have been rounded):


  • 50% discount to large bookstores, or $9.99
  • 35% to distributors, or $6.99
  • 5% to 9% of the 'GROSS' retail book price to the author, $1.30 to $1.80

  • leaving us a balance of 6% to 8.5%, or $1.20 to $1.70
  • to pay for:


  1. Submission reviews
  2. Editing
  3. Proofreading
  4. Formatting
  5. Cover Design
  6. Printing
  7. Shipping to all three distributors plus pay for returns
  8. Rent / Utilities / Computers and software
  9. Advertising and Promotion
  10. Salaries


Sands Press can offer higher royalties when an author has a proven track record of book sales.

'Gross' receipts mean the amount the publisher receives from the relevant source, without deductions. This is the best kind of calculation for authors because it makes accounting easier and gives the author a larger share of the take.

'Net' receipts mean gross receipts minus certain expenses, which may or may not include taxes, distribution fees and other publisher costs. Contracts which base royalties on 'net' receipts without further clarification are dangerous because they provide no limitations on what the publisher can deduct from receipts, potentially reducing the author's share to zero. Authors should not agree to royalty clauses with 'net' receipt calculations unless the contract specifies - in detail - what the publisher can and cannot deduct when calculating royalties due to the author.

No, you can represent yourself or find an agent. The choice is yours. Agents do take a small percentage of your royalties. Usually, the publisher will deal directly with the agent and not the author.
NO. Sands Press will never ask for money to publish your work. The reason we offered you a contract is that we believe in your novel and we are willing to pay all costs to bring your story to press.
Sands Press will pay for the Copyright which remains in your name,and the ISBN must be in the publisher's name. There is no cost to you.
We currently publish up to 6 books every six months. Anything more than that and we might compromise the quality of our products. Sands Press releases a catalogue every six months, Spring and Fall, to coincide with the bookstores buying cycles. Each catalogue contains up to six New Releases, previous catalogue Current Releases and Backlist titles.
No. The distributors only want publishers to print one book per catalogue from any author.
After we speak with our distributors, they provide us with an estimate of how many books they will need for an opening order. That number can range from as low as a few hundred to several thousand. That doesn't mean those books are sold; it refers to the number of books the stores may pre-order. A book is not considered sold until a customer purchases the book.
Authors receive ten free copies,and the publisher will pay up to $50.00 of the shipping cost.You can purchase additional copies for 40% off the retail price,but you must pay for the shipping of those additional copies.
If the distributors feel the book will generate strong sales or you have an established history of strong sales from previous works, then we will certainly entertain the possibility of releasing the novel in hardcover format. Otherwise, all books are printed in aTradeback format which is the same size as a Hardcover but with a soft laminated cover.
Of course, self-promotion is encouraged to help you succeed. You should have a separate Author Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account, and any other social media you feel comfortable. An author webpage is key to showcase your talents with new and upcoming works. You can also contact your local bookstores and offer to do an appearance. Most bookstores welcome an author for a few hours to help sell products. Contact Sands Press for more information on how to present yourself and sell more books when doing an event.
Sands Press provides sales reports every six months which are the same reports we receive from our distributors.
Sands Press sells through a distribution network. We have one distributor in Canada, one in the United States and one in the UK / Europe. The larger book chains only purchase from book distributors.
The distributors are responsible for submitting the correct information to the bookstores. Please check your book and e-book listing frequently and let us know if something is not correct.

We offer your e-book in the following formats:

  • Kindle
  • KOBO
  • iBooks

The author has the option to purchase 100% of the e-book rights and would receive 100% of the royalties.

The author has 30 days from the date on the original email with the contract attachment, to decide if they wish to accept or decline the contract offer.

As you write your book, it is automatically Copywrite protected.  Please see:


When we receive a submission, we read the first three chapters to determine if we would like to continue. If the story captures our attention, we don't want to pause, email the author and request the balance of the book. After receiving the balance of the book, the reader would then have to re-read the first three chapters to recall the storyline before continuing. It is easier if they continue to read the entire submission uninterrupted.

As a Canadian Publisher, we prefer Canadian spelling, however, if the author is American and the novel is based in the USA, we will use American spelling. If the author is Canadian, we will default to Canadian spelling.