Andrew Gillespie

Andrew Jay Gillespie, part Irish, part First Nations, is a police officer of 25 years and author of the novel I Am Madness. Born in the early 1970’s, it was around this time his father accepted a job with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. After a childhood of moving from place to place, his family eventually settled in Ontario, Canada. Here, Andrew Jay ended up finishing high school, then graduating with Dean’s List Honours at the top of his class with a degree in Paralegal Studies. Policing, now entrenched in his psyche, Andrew Jay entered his career in 1993 and served at various locations across Ontario. He excelled in this field and after being promoted to detective he began work on complex, in-depth criminal investigations and used these experiences to fuel the I Am Madness novel. Following the years spent as a detective, Andrew Jay is now serving as Police Chief in southern Ontario. With the blood of the Irish flowing through him, Andrew Jay is a self-professed beer and chicken wing enthusiast. To date he has tried hundreds of different types of beer worldwide and maintains a continuing quest to find the hottest chicken wings known to man. I Am Madness is his first novel.