Adolfo E. Ramirez

Beginning eleven, his father brought home a worn out typewriter that soon sparked his passion for writing. Immediately he put this new machine to work and started pumping out ghost stories for his friends and family to read. Once his typewriter broke his writing career was put on hold, and like most kids in those times, he spent his days playing outside. He impressed some of his teachers during his school years with his writing, but never had the courage or guidance to take it further. Instead he dreamed of maybe one day playing basketball for the N.B.A. At the time he didn’t know that he’ll only grow to be 5′ 8″ and the dream he was reaching for was almost impossible. So as the years passed by, writing became just something that came easy to him but held no future. After graduating High School, he studied to be a mechanic and quickly found a job working on cars. During this period, he learned that he could combine his passion of writing with his love for music and began composing songs. With this new love, he quit his job in the automotive field and concentrated on making it in the music business.