A Certain Kind of Sadness

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Rachel abandoned her instincts. She stood there, said nothing, like a feeb – it was bloody disappointing. No fight, no emotion, other than her shakey hands, nothing; she let her story slip through her fingers. She has yet to know the dimension and range of the damage, but the sins of her past were bound to catch up with her, and this was the price. 


She may have been in the top two percent of her class but she also had a dependable acquaintance with being an implusive halfwit – not today of course, but intelligent halfwit or not, Rachel was certain of four things: 

1. Circumstance is geography; it often feels like fate, but it’s not. 

2. When you love someone from the deepest part of yourself, and they leave without objection, a certain kind of sadness breaks a piece off your heart, and the meaning of life is hidden in that broken piece.

 3. Everything you love? Everything you hate? Same thing.

 4. Love is a war of extremes: happiness and depression, love and hatred, isolation and intimacy, and there can be no real consoling in the throes of such beautiful chaos.

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