The Ring

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Lily Anderson had a happy and fulfilling life. She owned her a successful catering business and was engaged to Ben a luxury real estate agent. She could not ask for more out of life.

Then the doorbell rang and a ghost from three years ago reappeared. Declan O’Leary was ill, and he was calling for her. In an instant the past came rolling into her present. They had fallen in love with each other in Key West and it forever changed their lives. For her she found strength that she thought she had lost forever. He found his passion for writing again and wrote of their love in “The Ring”.

She had always been unable to read the book for it was too overwhelming to remember the life she could never have with Declan. But now he is ill and calling for her. How can she go? Will she lose her future with Ben by looking back to her past with Declan? Can she open both that preverbal and literal book; and remember how it all really was?

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