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An uncharacteristically hot summer season has draped the city of Moravian. Detective John Morgan, mi..
Libby has never been able to let go easily. After a childhood spent moving around, Libby settled int..
For most of Kelsey’s life, her mother has told her stories of Rellainia – a dimension and world exis..
Maggie Lancaster has a secret. She was glad her husband William died in World War I, even if the w..
Lindy Carver can really get behind the idea that the future is female. After all, she's taking famil..
Nathan Morrell is one of the foremost designers of thrill rides, and for him the occupation is much ..
One of The Globe and Mail's summer must-reads for 2018. One sudden and violent incident trigger..
Memorial Day had always been a special occasion for Dr. Sandford (Sandy) Beech and his precious fami..
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